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  • Women + Sustainability = Powerful Force of Nature

    December 6, 20180

    Did you know there’s a women sustainability group in Philly? (If you’re a GP reader, you should – since we…

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    International Ocean Film Tour – Philadelphia

    September 21, 20180

    The International Ocean Film Tour sails into Philadelphia on Thursday, Sept. 27, with an exciting lineup of high seas adventures…

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    What’s In Our Philly Water?

    October 29, 20150

    I can’t recall exactly, but I know there was a time when I was able to recognize Philadelphia water by…

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    Should I Stay or Should I SNOW Now? Weekend Events March 20 – 22nd

    March 20, 20150

    Happy, uh… First Day of Spring? Don’t let the cold temps & snow get you down. Last night’s Better Mobility…

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    Dr. Peter Gleick Talks Water in our Q&A and Visits Philly on Friday!

    October 23, 20132

    Want to find out more about water from an expert? Water and climate-change expert, Peter Gleick is bringing his Global…

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    Friday Quickie: Boil it & ConServe

    April 27, 20121

    The average US household uses 130,000 gallons of water per year. Therefore, anytime you can conserve H2O helps the cause.…

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    Quick Tip – Turn Off The Faucet!

    January 25, 20110

    One of the easiest things to do - yet so often neglected - is turning off the lights in your…

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    Eco-Inspiration: Alexandra Cousteau and Blue Legacy

    November 2, 20101

    Despite our very best efforts to be environmentally active sometimes it's tough to motivate. The problems can seem too big…

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    No Water Car Wash?

    March 20, 20091

    It’s officially spring (halleluiah!) With the decreased chance of messy snow messing up their newly washed cars, people are more…

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    Top Reasons to Refuse Bottled Water

    September 4, 20084

    Glancing down a grocery aisle, bottled water looks so tempting. The beautiful graphics of green trees, exotic water from Fiji…

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