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  • How to “Fix” Recycling and Our Waste Problem

    April 22, 20190

    OK, so we’ve talked about how burning half of Philadelphia’s recycling is a symptom of a larger, broken system for…

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    Lessons from a Zero Waste “Geek”

    March 15, 20190

    I’ve written this thing in my head about a dozen times now. As I reflected on which topics I wanted…

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    What is a Zero Waste Life? 4 Ways to Start Living Zero Waste today

    January 22, 20190

    We’re using more resources than ever before in human history. Between the plastic bags we use for our groceries to…

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    4 Ways to Give Without “Stuff”: Zero Waste Alternatives

    December 3, 20180

    I always loved giving gifts. I loved picking something special out, wrapping it up pretty (I love curling ribbon), and…

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    5th Annual Students For Zero Waste Conference – Melissa Miles to Give insightful Keynote: Garbage is a State of Mind

    August 20, 20180

    Come to the University of Pennsylvania on November 2-3, to start the weekend off with a bang at the 5th…

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    How Wegmans Makes Zero Waste a Team Effort

    September 25, 20180

    We’re partnering with fan-favorite grocery store Wegmans to find out about another soon-to-be favorite sustainability initiative: zero waste. In our…

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    How Wegmans Food Markets is Going Zero Waste

    September 20, 20180

    Photo: Buddy Vatalaro, Produce Manager, Wegmans & Bill Mcelwee, Perishable Manager at Allentown’s Wegmans location with their back of house…

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    Raising a Zero Waste Baby: Lessons from an Imperfect Mom

    March 6, 20180

    I hate stuff. I hate buying stuff, I hate shopping for stuff, and I hate having a ton of stuff…

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    How to Break the Waste Cycle: Lessons from Post-Landfill Action Network’s Student Conference

    December 7, 20170

    On November 4th, 2017, we met a monster. Its name was Fill, short for landfill. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t…

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    Zero Waste as a Climate Solution

    October 31, 20170

    As part of the Post-Landfill Action Network’s 4th annual Students for Zero Waste ’17 Conference, we are opening the keynote…

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