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    DIY Salad Dressing: Momma-Knows-Best Family Secret

    Are you tired of half-used Thousand Islands bottles taking up room in your fridge?

    I have been living by this simple DIY salad dressing recipe for years, and it only requires a few household ingredients.

    By following this simple recipe, you can know exactly what you’re eating without worrying about what could be polluting your fresh field greens (like preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavoring.) That’s also one less plastic bottle polluting your home!

    I’m letting you in on a family secret, use it wisely (aka all the time).


    • Balsamic Vinegar: ¼ cup
    • Red wine Vinegar: ¼ cup
    • Safflower Oil: ¼ cup
    • Olive Oil: ¼ cup
    • Crushed dried oregano leaves: 1 tsp
    • Garlic Powder: ½ tsp
    • Salt: ½ tsp
    • Pepper: 1/8 tsp
    • Sugar: a pinch (Momma’s generous one)
    • Dressing flask, Mason Jar, or any glass bottle (the glass will help it stay good for longer)


    *Give the flask, jar, or bottle a good shake before pouring onto a lovely bed of greens.

    If you feel like your dressing still needs a little kick, feel free to add some hot pepper flakes, Dijon mustard, crushed basil leaves, or any other spice of your choice.

    And guess what? That’s enough dressing for an entire week. Once you run out, repeat and enjoy.

    If you are all about buying locally, here are some trusted spots to get top-notch balsamic for your home:

    There’s no turning back now, it’s time to eat your greens the green way.

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